Top 20 C/C++Interview Questions Could Help You Win Your Dream job

Top 20 CC++Interview Questions Could Help You Win Your Dream job
Top 20 CC++Interview Questions Could Help You Win Your Dream job

preparing for the interview? confused about what the interviewer will ask from the programming point of view?
It’s a common fear that spread across many programmers before appearing in technical interviews.

let me speak about my experience as an IT professional with more than 100+ interviews (not every interview is given, many of them have taken as well).

as a smart IT professional (or soon to be) everyone should be aware of the frequent pattern of interview questions that are coming as a repeatable exercise.

While speaking of myself, as an interviewer, it is not that we are looking for some hard rock programmer or coder. instead, the interviewer always takes a higher chance to select the candidate with higher problem-solving skills and very neat and clear fundamentals.
So, here comes a list of c/c++ interview questions that are very very common (but important) and makes your interview experience top-notch by a very high chance of acceptance.

  1. c/c++ memory layout just explain by drawing or by explaining basic memory layout in details block by block
  2. storage classifier? auto/extern/register/static , explain in brief with their scope
  3. operator overloading/ function overloading , define one point difference with a small example
  4. constructor / destructor / copy constructor (deep/shallow) very important! make some small example and explain in brief
  5. process vs thread? what is difference explain the difference in detail
  6. how malloc & calloc works? what is difference , You might need to go in deep for explaining memory layout as well
  7. difference between free() & delete , give difference and let them know their origin
  8. what is a generic pointer , take a small example and go through it in
  9. call by value/reference/pointer , write a small piece of code to make it clear
  10. OOPS concepts , abstraction/encapsulation/polymorphism/ explain in brief
  11. virtualization (ptr/table concepts) , the very important and classy question, you must be prepared with a topic
  12. virtual function / pure virtual function / abstraction in c++ , give a small programme to explain it in details
  13. static / const / extern basic difference explain scope in details
  14. what is a void pointer? , explain in details with a small piece of code
  15. same static variable in different files, explain scope in detail? , take a small example to access both variables
  16. structure vs union? , explain by using memory allocation difference
  17. new and malloc()? , explain by using a memory allocation mechanism
  18. Assignment vs Copy constructor , explain by using a proper example
  19. Initialization List , how and where it’s been used, explain in brief
  20. hot to add/remove first/last/middle node from the linked list? need to be explained in details (take at least 10-15 minutes) with small program.

Every interview can be either an experience or a small spark to push you towards a more clear version of yourself.
using this article, tried to make your experience more pleasant by preparing the right mindset and knowledge.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

All the best!

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